Our activities

Our activities are shared in two different types of activity groups


Open activities are available to everyone and there is no need to commit in the longer term. You do not need to register for open activities in advance or separately.  The open activities include various themed evenings, workshops and other events.

Our open activities are aimed girls, women and others aged 12–29 contemplating their femininity, who are interested in exploring our activities. One of our established activities is called Teetä ja Toiveita (‘Tea and Wishes’). You can enter the event at any point and either stay for just a moment or spend the whole evening. You do not need to register for open events in advance. We also organise events for, for example, our stakeholders, partners and other parties.



In the autumn and spring term, we set up a number of small groups based on topics requested by the young people using the centre. The aim is for the different groups to have an unhurried atmosphere and to feel like a space where each person’s uniqueness is respected, where feelings can come and go at their own pace, and where each person can decide how much they want to participate or share things about themselves in the group. The groups offer a space where young people can get excited, learn new things about themselves and the discussed topic, do something they would not be able to do on their own, find and make new friends, and find new perspectives and resources for their life situation.

The Girls’ House groups are professionally guided peer groups. The groups are usually guided by a working pair consisting of an employee from the Girls’ House, a volunteer, student, or employee from a cooperating entity, and groups can have 3–6 participants. The groups usually meet once a week on a weekday evening for the duration of about six weeks. Groups can also meet less often, for example about once a month. You can join a group by registering according to the instructions. Some of the groups are limited to a certain age group. When registering, please check your group’s schedule and make sure it fits in with your other plans. We encourage group members to participate in as many group sessions as possible. We announce new groups here on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

Group themes vary. Frequently recurring topics include, for example, difficult emotions, life changes, self-compassion, and various adventure and challenge groups. Group sessions usually include a snack, tasks to be carried out independently, in pairs or in small groups, reflecting on and sharing feelings and insights, and a short moment of relaxation or calming down. In addition to discussions and information, topics are explored through different exercises, games, as well as creative and nature-based activities. You can participate in a group regardless of whether you have experience working in a group or of the methods used in the group. You don’t have to be a hiker, an artist, or know how to talk about your feelings. Groups in recent years have included, for example, Metsänneiot (‘forest girls’), Kompassi (‘compass’), Juuret (‘roots’), Siivet (‘wings’), Suruinen (‘feeling blue’), Tunteeni (‘my feelings’), Kuvani (‘my image’), and Hetki (‘moment’).

Interesting topics and contents

Group topics are mostly suggested by the young people themselves based on their interests. We encourage young people to approach things with an open mind, look for different and new perspectives, challenge themselves and encourage each other in the group.